Consultants in Executive Search

Lodging, Travel & Leisure

Consultants in Executive Search Lodging, Travel & Leisure

Trusted advisors sourcing exceptionally talented leaders from around the world. Bannerot Partners was established in 2007 to provide unvarnished opinions with experienced insight to our clients’ most significant leaderships problems. Our nimble platform offers global search firm expertise unencumbered by large firm impediments.

Our Clients

Public hotel REITs, private equity, real estate developers, privately held owner/operators, management companies, diversified travel and leisure companies.

Our Values

We will do our best to surpass our client’s expectations through a relentless focus on quality, accuracy, urgency, and objectivity.

We will demonstrate integrity in every action and interaction. We will operate according to the highest ethical standards promulgated by the executive search industry.

We believe that executive search consulting services are most effective when delivered as a collaborative partnership with our clients.

Professional Point Of View

We will only accept a search assignment if we are confident that we can be successful.

Our clients are key members of the search team whose input and participation is critical to our shared success.

Our goal is to introduce three to five exceptionally qualified, highly interested, and reasonably affordable candidates.

We seek objectivity in preparing our assessment of each candidate’s degree of fit.

We recommend weekly, scheduled updates with the hiring authority.

Our search update process is modified to meet the needs of each client.